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This is the best ASL Bucket Challenge I’ve seen so far.

what had me cracking up was the way the mask deflated at the end

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Fifty-six years ago today a King was born. You will forever live in our hearts. Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson. We love you.~August 29, 1958-∞

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I finally found this video from the gif

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Ok but this is one of my favorite Disney endings because they decided to be happy together as frogs rather than try and find a way to be human and by finding that happiness they got to be humans again like that is rad as hell thank you Disney

Uh excuse you, that is the plot of Shrek

Well Shrek was already an ogre though. These two characters were human at first and could have kept trying for ages to be human AGAIN but instead chose not to, they just chose love. It’s not the same plot as Shrek. 

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